Smart Manufacturing

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Organizations are already making the move to Smart Manufacturing. Merging networks to create a more efficient and effective production platform, and gain unprecedented access to real-time data. With a fully connected enterprise, organizations are experiencing a 4 to 5 percent increase in productivity each year, waste reduction saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, improved time to market while cutting defects in half and on-time delivery increases from 82 to 98 percent. Harnessing the power of your organization's big data to make smarter decisions has never been easier.

  • Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) Do you have an accurate plant model identifying all physical assets? Do you have a Bill of Materials (BOM) for all of the parts on critical assets in your plant? Do you have accurate life-cycle information on your aged equipment and know what's current, outdated or obsolete? Do you have a standard process for maintaining your storeroom to support critical spares? If you're looking to reduce costs by identifying and eliminating excess inventory, which will improve your Return on Net Assets (RONA), increase uptime by ensuring critical spares are onsite, identify and mitigate risks associated with legacy equipment and gain a broader visibility into your plant assets, then an IBE is right for you.
  • Network and Security Assessment Is your network not operating according to operational/availability baselines? Is the network architecture robust enough to protect your intellectual property and assets? Do you know if issues you have on your network are security-related, and how to fix them? Our Network and Security assessment team is comprised of multi-discipline professionals with extensive industry expertise in process control and manufacturing applications, quantitative and qualitative analysis of security threats specific to industrial control systems, diagnostics, and remediation of legacy network equipment and protocols. If you ready to assess and secure your network and data assets our Network and Security Assessment is right for you.
Smart Manufacturing
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