Network & Security Assessment


SMC's Network and Security Assessment Services team considers these challenges with a unique perspective - leveraging our traditional industrial automation expertise along with our team of information technology specialists. Using this balanced approach between both disciplines we can fully assess your industrial IT assets to help re-mediate potential performance and security issues.

SMC offers two levels of assessment services as a way to provide cost-effective solutions to help eliminate prolonged risks to your infrastructure and to tackle issues before they become major challenges. Both assessments leverage a unique blend of IT and industrial expertise to help identify where gaps exist in your network architecture and security.


Assessing Risk does not have to be daunting - let us do the work.

Our standard assessments are comprised of data collected by an on-site SMC professional interviewing your engineers and staff, observing your infrastructure and documenting the results. For a cost-effective approach to identifying and prioritizing your network issues and risks, a standard assessment fits your needs.

  • Quantitative algorithnms determine tolerance thresholds, risk indications, and prioritiezed mitigation plans with action:
    • Technical description and classification of each vulnerability as expressed by impact and exploitation potential.
    • Recommended mitigation activities
    • Actionable next step
  • Limited infrastructure inventory of major components based upon physical access

Typical Timeline: 1 week from initial on site arrival


No two plants are the same, and neither are your challenges.

Our comprehensive assessments are customized based upon your unique challenges and production requirements, as well as the data we collect and analyze. If you have an upcoming need to improve or expand your network infrastructure and need a complete qualitative and quantitative evaluation, a comprehensive assessment is the best fit for you.

  • In addition to the standard assessment report, we also leverage tools and perform detailed analysis to provide
  • Ethernet packet capture and inspection
  • Detailed logical and physical network topologies
  • Comprehensive infrastructure inventory
  • Automation system device configuration specifications
  • Evaluation of network performance
  • Recommendations for risk management
  • Switch configuration analysis

Typical Timeline: 2-3 weeks from initial site arrival

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Increase security by optimizing your network infrastructure.
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