Lockout Tagout Services

Lockout Tagout Service

Understanding Your Lockout Tagout Needs And The Path To Safety

Take a moment to assess the effectiveness of your lockout/tagout program, all aspects. Spend a day on the plant floor observing and talking to your operators. How much do you really know about your current program capabilities and overall needs of the team? While you may be aware that the lockout/tagout program exists, understanding how well it works for your employees and what are the daily challenges can help identify opportunities for improvement. A road map for better safety awareness is to first understand what you have currently, then look at the challenges with the existing program, and finally understand resources and in-house limitations for program improvement. 

Evaluating Your Current Lockout/Tagout Program :

  • At the equipment level, locate the current lockout/tagout procedure. Does a written procedure exist? Was the procedure easily accessible? Do operators know where to find it?
  • If a current procedure exists, is it easy to follow? Do the instructions make sense? Could you identify all disconnects and valves that needed to be isolated? Was the procedure updated and accurate?
  • Perform the current lockout/tagout procedure. Were the correct devices readily available? Could there be better options for location of devices? Would different devices be easier to use?
  • Talk to employees about lockout/tagout. What questions do they have regarding the energy control program? What are their daily challenges?

Once you've taken the time to truly understand what you have, documenting the current challenges and looking for opportunities to improve the program is the next step. That's where SMC comes in. 

SMC Lockout Tagout Services

SMC takes a unique approach to creating lockout/tagout procedures by taking the time to understand each company's individual needs before creating a custom lockout/tagout solution that delivers the perfect balance between safety and efficiency. SMC professionals travel to each client site to visually assess the equipment and determine the best methods of isolation. SMC requires minimal onsite assistance throughout the process and works towards 100% satisfaction by welcoming input from key personnel. When the final product is delivered, client's will have all the tools and training they need to update and maintain their lockout/tagout program in-house with no proprietary software or annual fees.

What To Expect  

  • Complete lockout/tagout program
  • Customized hands on lockout/tagout training
  • Lockout/tagout annual audit
  • Comprehensive lockout/tagout policy creation and review
  • Devices needed for lockout/tagout program

SMC is an Authorized Rockwell Distributor and Service Provider, and committed to serving all customers with outstanding products, services, training and customer service. SMC teams are ready to help prepare and protect your organization. To get started, contact your local branch or submit a request below.