Inventory Management

Let SMC Manage Your Inventory

Transform Your Inventory and Equipment Management System Into A Lean, Cost-Saving Machine!

SMC offers Inventory Management services as well as high-quality products from leading manufacturers. With SMC Inventory Management you will have the right parts, when you need them, reduce your MRO costs while improving your maintenance decisions and maximize your storeroom design and processes for continuous cost savings.

Vendor Managed Inventory

With our VMI service, you will have a dedicated professional working directly with your organization to manage and maintain your inventory. Having an SMC professional manage your inventory allows you the peace of mind that you will not only have the products you need on hand but also reduce excess inventory, saving you money!

MRO Optimization

Having the right products to keep your operations running without the risk of downtime is vital to cost savings. Our experienced inventory management team will ensure your MRO is optimized.

Custom Kitting

SMC offers skilled professionals ready to design and create custom kits. Looking for a way to streamline operational inventory purchasing and management, let our team work with you to design a custom kit to your required specifications.