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Factory Talk Batch

Location: Cape Girareau, MO

This course is designed for supervisors, operators, formulators, and engineers who will be involved with the installation, setup, and operations of FactoryTalk Batch System. Learn More

ControlLogix Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 3

Location: Springfield, MO

This course is designed for individuals who need to develop 5000 Logix Designer® projects for any Logix5000 controller. Upon completion of the course, given a functional specification for a Logix5000TM application, you should be able to develop a project to meet the specification requirements. Learn More

Powerflex 750-Series

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO

This course is designed for individuals who need to configure and start up PlowerFlex 750-series drives. You will learn how to start up and configure a wired PowerFlex 750-Series drive (PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755) and AC motor. Learn More
Motion Control

Motion Control

Location: Springfield, MO

This course is designed for individuals who need to learn basic motion control concepts for their job or need a prerequisite for attending other motions control courses. In this course, you will learn how to demonstrate fundamental motion control concepts common to all Rockwell Automation control systems. Learn More

NFPA 70E 2018 - Fundamentals and Training (Sedalia, MO)

Location: Sedalia, Missouri

This course is designed for electrical engineers, safety managers, electricians, electrical contractors, plant managers, facility maintenance personnel, electrical inspectors, risk managers, and project managers. In this course, you will learn 2018 NFPA 70E fundamentals. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (Webinar)

To tackle the critical skills shortage in the rapidly-evolving manufacturing sector, Rockwell Automation and Manpower Group developed the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing – a joint initiative to provide U.S. military veterans with the skills to succeed in advanced manufacturing roles. Join us to learn how our comprehensive curriculum blends both automation and manufacturing technology with professional skills development to help ease the candidates’ transition to a civilian work environment and facilitate success in advanced manufacturing. Learn More

ThinManager Deployment with Relevance (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO

Thin Manager Training is a hands-on technical course. It covers the details of creating, configuring, deploying, and managing a ThinManager thin client system. This is ideal for people who will be deploying or managing the thin client system and need to improve their understanding and skills. This one-day class schedule begins with the basic functions and adds features and details as the class progresses. Learn More

PowerFlex 750-Series (Springfield, MO)

Location: Springfield, MO

This is a two-day course designed for individuals who are for responsible maintaining and troubleshooting a PowerFlex 750-Series drive. This is a skill-building course that introduces concepts and techniques that will assist you in successfully maintaining and troubleshooting a PowerFlex 750-Series drive. Learn More
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